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Federal Research Center 
"Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian
Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

 Федеральный исследовательский центр «Красноярский научный центр Сибирского отделения Российской академии наук»

Federal Research Center 
"Krasnoyarsk Science Center of the Siberian
Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Official comments on public intelligence surveillance measures in the Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS

30 April 2021 г. FRC KSC SB RAS

Официальный комментарий по поводу гласных оперативно-розыскных мероприятий в КНЦ СО РАН
Today in the main administrative building of the Federal Research Center "Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS", employees of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption of the Krasnoyarsk Police implemented a public intelligence surveillance activity. The official reason is the assumption of the fact that officials of the Federal Research Center of KSC SB RAS exceeded their powers when concluding and executing a contract for the supply of a modular grain dryer. The event affected the employees of several departments of KSC SB RAS. Interior Ministry officials inquired the employees and inspected their workplaces. After the inspection, all the employees of KSC SB RAS returned to their previous working regime. No office equipment was confiscated, neither workplaces were sealed. As soon as the information on this intelligence surveillance measures appeared in the media, it received a significant response among the public. Below is the official comment of Yegor Zadereev, head of the scientific communications group of KSC SB RAS.

"Within the framework of the National Project "Science" last year, the Federal Research Center Krasnoyarsk Science Center SB RAS received about 150 million roubles for the development of the instrumental base. Accordingly, this money was used to purchase equipment for various scientific institutes which are part of the Federal Research Center, including that for agricultural institutions. The actions which has occurred today and which have turned out to be unexpected for us are correctly referred to as "The public intelligence surveillance measures and survey of premises, buildings, constructions, land areas, localities and vehicles." This is performed when signs of crimes under a certain article of the law are suspected in the actions of officials. Here, this concerns the purchase of the modular grain dryer. This is just one part of the equipment that the center acquired for the development of its instrumental base. It was acquired because the Research Institute of Agriculture is engaged in plant selection, and produces high-quality seeds. Cereals grow during the summer, and in autumn they are harvested, and then the grain collected needs to be dried in order to be sold or used as raw material for experimental farms, or to be further utilized in plant breeding. The dryer was purchased last year, and its cost is about seven million roubles. The Center has all the documents: a contract for its purchase, acts of acceptance and transfer of goods, invoices for payment, a commissioning act. This means the dryer was purchased and installed on the experimental farm in the settlement Minino. During the intelligence surveillance action, the employees of the Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption studied the documentation related to the purchase of this dryer, interviewed the center employees who are responsible for the conclusion of contracts, payment, acceptance and other official documents and then the police left the Center. Nobody has been arrested, and no cases have been launched. The document provided by the agents says “signs can be seen…,”; so probably no signs have been found. The money allocated for the national project "Science" is target money. Their spending is closely monitored by the Ministry of Science and Education. All the necessary reported were provided the previous year. Owing to the funds received, several dozen units of various equipment of various price were purchased, and one of these devices is a grain dryer. The reason for the close attention to this particular installation is not known to the administration of the Center. We hope this is a common, though unpleasant, misunderstanding. "